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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jackie K - You Rock!

I have always said "there are more nice people in the world, than not".  I truly stand by this and in lite of the Boston Marathon tragedy I have to say that most people I encounter are wonderful people.  Maybe I'm just lucky or maybe I unconsciously make an effort to surround myself with good good people.  Either way I am very fortunate and count my blessings.

This quilt was made by Jackie K for a young person in her daughter's circle of friends who is undergoing a very difficult struggle at this time.  Jackie knew this would brighten up this person's days and jumped at the chance of doing so. Wonderful job Jackie!

The quilting because of time restraints is an allover freehand double swirl.  I can't say I'm totally happy with the large horse in the centre of the panel, but Jackie was pleased and it is what it is.


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