To see some examples of my custom quilting please scroll to the very bottom of this page. The majority of these are customer quilts who requested full custom quilting.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding having one of your quilts either freehand or custom quilted. or call me at (403) 278-8854

Monday, November 30, 2009

"The Quilt" - Calgary Cancer Auction

This was my 2009 submission to "The Quilt".  My quilt called "Mama Said" was sold prior to the auction Nov. 28th with my permission.  There were 30 quilts auctioned off on Saturday with all the proceeds going to Wellspring - Carma House here in Calgary.  There was also $6,500 raised by the sale of another 15 quilts sold at Banker's Hall this month.   For more information about Wellspring and Carma House and the wonderful work they do please click on the Title heading right above the photo of me with "Mama Said".

Sunday, November 1, 2009

T-Shirt Quilt

A while back my girlfriend Lynn and I were commissioned to make a T-Shirt quilt for a friend she worked with.  Lynn became very ill and passed away in August, so for the past 2 months I've been working on this quilt and must admit it was "Bitter Sweet", not having my best friend beside me.  Although I must admit I did talk to her a few times while working on it.

I think it turned out well and I will pass it on to the owner on Tuesday.

Wildlife Wall Quilt -- A bit of custom.

A friend asked me to quilt this wall quilt for her.  It was fun to do something smaller and something that needed some thought.  She loved it and I had fun doing it.