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Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Update - Summer Solstice" - Jen's First Quilt

Don agreed to we could share this photo of him with his amazing quilt his girlfriend Jen made for him.  Lucky fellow!

Wow, I'm sure it's safe to say first time customer Jen is definitely an over achiever (this said with awe)!  Believe it or not - this was Jen's very first quilt.  I KNOW!  WOW, eh!  Soooo beautifully done.  The pattern is "Summer Solstice" by Judy Niemeyer.

Jen made this for her boyfriend who will be using it in a traditional native ceremony.  I'm sure my daughter Tami can probably tell me more about what this would all entail.  Jen mentioned it involves wearing this quilt when spending time in the traditional native sweat lodge (hope I have the terminology correct)?

Full custom quilting on this beauty, using Dream Puff batting and an array of colorful polyester threads.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! Amazing, especially for a first quilt! :)

  2. Love this story, love the quilt and the quilting. Superb all around.