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Friday, February 10, 2012

Very Traditional "Triple Irish Chain" - Custom Quilting

This quilt is a "Triple Irish Chain" made by Elizabeth as a gift for her mother in Hungary. For a new quilter Elizabeth is doing some fairly challenging quilts and doing an amazing job with the piecing.

Full custom quilting was requested for this quilt. Because of my love of traditional quilts I decided to go with the very traditional feather wreaths in the light blocks, concecritive circles in the small squares, swirls in the smaller border and feathers all around the quilt in the light brown border.  I used a fine thread Invisifil by Wonderfil for the top and bobbin. Warm and Natural batting was used.


  1. Very Very pretty! I love the crosshatching in the center of your feathered circles!

  2. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work.