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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Friends - Challenging Each Other

Two of my dear customers and best buddies Tammy and Carol challenged each other a year or so ago to each complete a Civil War Sampler to enter into Heritage Park.  Carol is the artist from Saskatchewan who I've done work for in the past and Tammy is a wonderful quilter (Carol's best buddy) from High River.  Carol brought me 7 quilts to work on in February.  Below are some photo's of a couple of the quilts but a few other quilt photos will not be available until after Carol enters them in an exhibition which will be sometimes in 2013 - so stay tuned.

Both of these ladies are awesome quilts and lovely lovely gals - enjoy the little trunk show.

This first one is Tammy's Civil War Sampler - it was so much fun seeing each different block and trying to pick one as a favorite - which was impossible. Tammy's choice for fabrics was right on and definitely depicts authentic civil war colors and designs.  You can now see why this challenge took close to a year to complete.  I have asked Tammy if she could provide me with a better photo of the whole quilt as my pictures do not do this wonderful quilt justice.

I used a pantograph called "Wrought Iron" by Jodi Beamish for this quilt, 100% cotton batting and a variegated thread Tutti by Wonderfil.

This second quilt was Carol's which she made for her husband in memory of a precious "four legged furry person in their family - Sky" who recently passed away.  She called is " Morning Sky".  A
 freehand design "swirls and leaves" using Mirage variegated thread by Wonderfil.

Carol asked for smaller puzzle piece meander for this quilt.  I must admit I had to do a bit of practicing as I am seldom asked for this design, however "change is good".

This is another lovely quilt from Carol's collection.  I was so impressed at the great job she did using this beautiful border print. Anyone who has worked with border prints can appreciate how important the accuracy of cutting in these quilts is - Carol's was absolutely "perfect". This was quilted freehand "swirl/leaves" using variegated Mirage thread by Wonderfil.


  1. Wow - Nancy - those are beautiful. You've been a busy gal!!! Hope to see you again one of these days (if you're not too busy, that is ;)


  2. So you haven't been sitting around with your feet up, have you? These look great - Do you sleep? Or do you quilt in your sleep? Beautiful quilting Nancy. Jane

  3. I love Braedon's quilt - love the colors - love the stripes - love the combination of the VW van.....brings back a few memories.....tee hee.....

  4. What a nice write-up for Carol and I! Every time you post pictures of my quilts, I feel like such a celebrity! They all look so incredible! You should be very proud that you have added even more beauty to each of these quilts with your superb quilting, Nancy! I can hardly wait until Heritage Park to see them on display...that reminds me, I have binding to do!! Tammy

  5. Just a little note to thank you once again for a wonderful long-arm quilting experience! Not only is the quilting absolutely beautiful, but the turn around time was amazing. I too, am beginning to think that you must quilt in your sleep. Or perhaps there is a twin Nancy that you're not telling us about? In any case, you are an absolute treasure and it is always a pleasure to deal with such a professional quilter who I also consider a friend.
    Happy quilting from carol in Saskatchewan.
    p.s. I'm currently working on a new series and hope to get my name in line for the next 'batch'.