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Monday, September 21, 2015

"Rabbit Haven" - Cherished Moments

Lynda B made this adorable quilt for her first granddaughter - isn't it the sweetest quilt you've ever seen?  The name of this beauty is Rabbit Haven by Cherished Moments and Lynda did all the embroidery by hand. I am sure Lynda's granddaughter will cherish this beauty forever!

I am still very slow with my quilting but really feel the need to persevere and continue on with my passion.  Thank you to all my customers for being so very understanding.

Full custom on this beauty using Hobbs 80/20 batting and white polyester threads.


  1. Love this quilt - and the quilting!! You and Lynda have made a work of art - beautiful job all around.

  2. i could stare at this quilt for hours. I keep coming back to it, as it makes me smile.... It's so cute ......and your quilting is outstanding Nancy - it's hard to imagine how you can come up with new designs and patterns to make the bunnies stand out and to add movement to them. Your creativity and design sense is crazy - it's out of this world.

  3. You and Lynda have done a lovely quilt, so georgeous. I could be a grandmother, but tonight, I'd like to be a granddaughter.